TV Show Air Fare America Combines Love of Flying, Food

Here's an idea for a reality TV show we'd be sure to DVR: A pilot, a chef and a treasure hunter head off in an airplane to visit the coolest small airports across the country, sampling the food at the airport restaurants, meeting interesting airport characters and discovering the incredible airplanes and historic items inside the hangars.

In the works from producers Joel Westbrook and Andrea Vernot, the show with the catchy title "Air Fare America" seeks to leverage viewers' fascination with airplanes and food to become the next cable TV hit. The creators are at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, this week to hear from pilots about their favorite airport eateries and get the lowdown on hangars full of treasures from aviation history. The show will follow the adventures of its three hosts, as the chef invades the kitchens of fly-in restaurants, the picker searches for hangar relics and the pilot does the flying.

"We want to create something that will be compelling for viewers and also honest to aviation," says Westbrook, a television producer for 40 years. He says he plans to finish the "Air Fare America" pilot and start shopping the show to networks this fall.

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