Former Flying Publisher To Lead Corporate Angel Network

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Dick Koenig, the former publisher of Flying magazine, has been named Executive Director of the Corporate Angel Network (CAN), the organization that arranges free flights for cancer patients to treatment centers using empty seats on business jets. Koenig is replacing Peter Fleiss, CAN's longtime leader, who is retiring.

"The Board is delighted to have Dick join CAN after 37 years with Flying, 26 of those as the magazine's vice president and publisher," said CAN Chairman Randall Greene in a statement.

Koenig is a former Army and Air Guard helicopter pilot with more than 7,000 hours in rotary and fixed wing aircraft including tours in Vietnam and Korea. In addition to his longtime leadership role at Flying, he also sits on the boards of Women in Aviation, Sun 'n Fun, the Lindbergh Foundation and the National Aeronautic Association.

"I am honored to have been selected to follow in Peter's footsteps after his extremely successful leadership term," Koenig said. "Along with CAN's highly talented and experienced staff, and a cadre of dedicated volunteers, we plan to continue Peter's work. I am looking forward to working with the many flight departments, cancer treatment centers and the countless industry supporters representing every segment of the aviation market."

Since arranging its first flight in 1981, CAN has provided nearly 45,000 flights to adults and children traveling to cancer treatment centers that are often hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Volunteers and a small staff coordinate the medical travel needs of patients by scheduling flight activity with more than 500 participating corporations (including half the Fortune 100) resulting in about 250 patient flights each month, according to the organization. CAN last year received a Flying Editors' Choice Award for its efforts.

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