Flying Giants

** A model Extra 330 SC flies at the Giant Scale
Fly-In.**_ (Photo by Michael Foster)_

What makes an airplane an airplane as opposed to a model of one? Well, having a pilot is one factor, but with remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) all the rage these days, is that really such a big defining factor any more?

If it’s size that counts, then I think we can all agree these gorgeous giant scale models that were shown off by their builders/pilots at the recent 30th annual Joe Nall Giant Scale Fly-In in Woodruff, SC, hosted by the Triple Tree Aerodrome, fit the bill. As you can see, in many cases, such as that of this 60 percent scale L-4, these craft are closer to airplane than to model. Some even come close to being big and powerful enough to carry a person.

And the things that model airplanes can do are simply remarkable, as those who attended the show could attest to after watching the likes of giant scale Extras and Pitts biplanes tear up the sky. And if it’s complexity you’re looking for, well, jets are all the rage in the world of giant scale. Pure power equals pure excitement.

For more, check out our exclusive gallery of giant-scale beauties expertly photographed by Michael Foster of M. Foster Photography.


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