The weather for AirVenture 2017 in Oshkosh was downright perfect for the first two days of the annual air show. Yet for reasons known only to Mother Nature, the sky featured more clouds than aircraft on Wednesday, and it almost seemed like heavy rain would wash the excitement away. Fortunately, the rain kept its distance for most of the day, only arriving later in the evening as the fireworks show kicked off.

But even then, it wasn’t enough to drench the spirits of the many aviation enthusiasts in attendance.

Earlier in the day, AirVenture commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid with an unreal and spectacular showcase of warbirds, topped off by the presence of the massive B-29 Superfortresses Doc and FiFi. And the biggest star of the show was 101-year-old Richard “Dick” Cole, the last surviving Doolittle Raider and the man who served as co-pilot to James Doolittle.

Not even a sky full of clouds and a little rain could ruin what was an otherwise perfect day at AirVenture.

Warbird Alley was packed with planes, which gave people plenty of huge wings to stand beneath during the rain.Jon Whittle
People of all ages checked out the wide variety of old birds.Jon Whittle
Each plane showcased amazing history and also a sense of creativity and unique attention to detail.Jon Whittle
Some are more colorful than others.Jon Whittle
The owners of the warbirds happily greeted guests and answered questions.Jon Whittle
Each plane turned heads and caused fans to stop and take plenty of pictures.Jon Whittle
The pilots were cheered as they rolled out for the incredible tribute.Jon Whittle
Rain or shine, the warbirds were not going to let the fans down.Jon Whittle
The B-25 "Panchito" made the trip to Oshkosh from Delaware.Jon Whittle
The showcase was complete with explosions on the ground.Jon Whittle
Sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers flew in Wednesday's tribute show.Jon Whittle
At one point, the sky was packed with warbirds.Jon Whittle
"Barbie III" was one of the B-25 Mitchell bombers that flew in Wednesday's Doolittle tribute.Jon Whittle
The biggest star in the sky, both in excitement and size, was undoubtedly the B-29 superfortress known as "Doc." The restored aircraft made its Oshkosh debut and fans were awestruck.Jon Whittle
Of course, FiFi was also exciting, especially when the two B-29s shared the sky.Jon Whittle
The Aeroshell Acrobatic team lit up the dark sky with its trademark thrilling performance.Jon Whittle
If anything, the bad weather made Aeroshell's performance all the more colorful and exciting.Jon Whittle
The rain hardly affected the mood in Oshkosh, as the crowd stuck around for the entire fireworks show.Jon Whittle
Still, it helped to have an umbrella.Jon Whittle
It was a showcase that could have served as a grand finale for the entire event, but this was still only Wednesday.Jon Whittle