A Holiday to Remember

Our ultimate aviator gift sampler.

Origami Bike
Montague Navigator
>>> For riders who want a full-size bike to make that trip from ramp to downtown, the Montague Navigator fits the bill nicely. A 27-speed with full-size (700c) wheels, the Navigator overcomes many of the compromises of conventional folding bike designs. Equipped with fenders and a rear rack, it comes ready for the commute. And with an unfold time of less than 30 seconds, it lets you get right to the riding. montaguebikes.com
A Sophisticated Single
Cirrus SR22
From $385,000 (base) to $655,000
>>> The SR22 has been a sales leader for years and is one of the most sophisticated GA aircraft around. The current mode has the remarkable Perspective by Garmin integrated avionics suite, plus flight into known icing (handy around the holidays) and a whole-airplane recovery parachute system. Online, you can even build your new ride with exterior, interior and extra options. Choose from the SR22 to the 22T and X editions, standard or with options. cirrusaircraft.com
Air Guitar
SoloEtte Travel Guitar
>>> When you’re traveling, space can be at a premium, and most guitars are either big and bulky or too small to have a satisfying sound. The ingenious design of the SoloEtte Songbird allows it to be disassembled for easy, compact transport, and because it’s meant to be plugged in, you get great sound right through the headphone jack. So you can keep things quiet back at the hotel or plug into an amp and get full-size sound. soloette.com
Cockpit Talk
Pilot USA BluLink Phone/MP3 Adapter
>>> Today’s top headsets have Bluetooth connectivity built in, but if your pilot has an older headset, Pilot USA’s BluLink adapter will connect a phone or Bluetooth MP3 player to it wirelessly, prolonging the life of what is probably a perfectly good headset to begin with. The music is a nice touch, but pilots will really love being able to make phone calls even in the noisy cockpit environment without the hassle of running wires. pilot-usa.com
High-Definition Memories
A/V-ator HD Camera System
>>> The Light Sport Group produces the A/V-ator HD 1080P for aviation applications. It’s great for reviewing lessons – it’s amazing how much it helps you retain the instructor’s input – or just brushing up for your next session. Unlike others currently on the market, the system includes Light Sport Group’s proprietary noise-canceling circuit, plug-and-play aviation headset adapters for cockpit audio, suction cup mount, 2 GB memory card and internal rechargeable battery. lightsportgroup.com
Fly & Drive
Garmin aera series
$799 to $1,999
>>> Introduced earlier this year, the aera (“era”) series is Garmin’s first touch-screen aviation GPS handheld. It offers the aviator (and motorist) streamlined, easy-to-use navigation. The series includes four models – the 500, 510, 550 and 560, each with progressively added features from preloaded mapping to Nexrad, SafeTaxi and XM WX satellite weather. Thanks to the touch-screen technology, a 4.3-inch screen allows you more room to view the information you need. When you’re back on terra firma that’s unfamiliar, the City Navigator NT street mapping will guide you to your destination. garmin.com
Two Tickets to Paradise Flexjet 25 Napa Valley Gift Card
$125,000 and up

>>> If you’ve ever dreamed of learning a kitchen craft from a world-renowned chef, here’s a stocking stuffer for you. The Flexjet 25 Jet Card gives recipients 25 hours of luxury jet travel. (Learjet 40 prices start at $124,900.) Through Dec. 31, purchasers get a delectable bonus, a culinary experience with Chef Masaharu Morimoto, a pair of passes to Auction Napa Valley, luxury accommodations at the Meadowood Napa Valley, luxury chauffeured transportation and much more. flexjet.com
From Wall to Table
Air to Air 2011 Calendar and Boxed Set
$14.95 to $320
>>> Paul Bowen’s annual Air to Air Warbirds calendar captures a different warbird in three full-color photos each month. Want more? Check out his four-volume Air to Air boxed book set. The set includes two volumes showcasing general aviation airplanes, one featuring a collection of World War II vintage aircraft and another Mustangs and Corsairs. A special chapter shows cockpits and close-up details of many airplanes shot in flight as well as the pilots who flew them. airtoair.com
Freedom on Floats
Lockwood Air Cam
Kit Price: Around $100,000
>>> The Lockwood Air Cam kit plane is the spirit of adventure put into airplane form. A true twin with a pair of 100 hp Rotax 912-S four-stroke power plants, the Air Cam was developed for an aerial camera platform. Most customers use it as a sport airplane that won’t let you down if an engine quits. On wheels, takeoff and landing can be done in less than 500 feet. On floats, use your imagination! aircam.com
The AvPad
Apple iPad
$499 to $829
>>> OK, who doesn’t want an iPad in the cockpit to view approach charts and en route moving maps via a crisp, big display screen? Or when you’re at the airport for preflight information, or to pass time playing your favorite flight simulator while waiting for clear skies? The question is: Do you need a Wi-Fi or 3G version? (The Wi-Fi + 3G iPad has a built-in GPS.) AT&T; offers no-contract monthly 3G service that can be turned off/on directly from your iPad at the behest of a monthly electronic reminder. Next question is memory: 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes? Only you can answer that one! apple.com
Besting the Best
Bose A20 Headset
$995 to $1,095
>>> Bose elevates what many consider its best headset, the Headset X, with the introduction of the A20, offering greatly enhanced passive noise canceling, two microphones per earcup (one on the inside and one on the outside) to better gauge the ambient noise signature, and better-fitting, more comfortable earcups. You can add the optional wireless Bluetooth connectivity for $100 more. A pair of AA alkaline batteries power the A20 for up to 45 hours. bose.com
Pride of Ownership
Your Own Airplane Model
>>> Pilots love their airplanes, so naturally they like to be reminded of them when they’re in the study or at the office. What better gift for pilots than a beautifully detailed reproduction of one of their favorite things. It’s hard to find just the right gift for some people, but a custom-painted hardwood model, like this Bonanza with a mahogany base and custom plaque, will make for a memorable holiday, to be sure. Factory Direct Models has dozens of airplane types available too. factorydirectmodels.com
Home Studies
Redbird TD
>>> Redbird Flight Simulations TD desktop flight training device is the best home flying experience available. With your choice of either simulated G1000 or round-dial steam gauge presentation, the TD gives you the chance to fly complex scenarios using all the same instruments with all the same knobs and buttons as you’re used to in the actual airplane while getting credit toward ratings or instrument currency in the process. The TD and new TD2 complex airplane trainer ($7,995) are sold exclusively through King Schools. redbirdflight.com; kingschools.com
App Addiction
iTunes Gift Card
… or Two or Three
$15, $25, $50 and $100
>>> They’re not just for music anymore. What fun it is to have a “bank” of money at your disposal to peruse a smorgasbord of iPhone and iPad aviation apps at the App Store. Though there are plenty of free ones to download, and some are downright useful, they only whet your appetite for more, including ones you have to pay for – from 1.99 to $99.99. A few of the top 25 favorites include weather (My Radar), preflight (ForeFlight), charts (WingX) and, of course, games (X-Plane). apple.com; various retail stores


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