Pedego Introduces New Foldable Electric Bike

The Latch Courtesy Pedego

If you are looking for easy transportation that you can stow in your airplane, Pedego's new foldable electric bike may be right for you. Named Latch the bike allows you to get around without exerting too much effort. It can be pedaled normally or you can get a boost from the bike's electric motor.

The geared electric motor is powered by lithium batteries. Power is applied through a twist throttle on the handle bars. There are two batteries: a 10 amp hour battery that lasts 25 to 30 miles or a 15 amp hour battery that lasts 40 to 50 miles. The batteries last longer if you use some muscle to pedal the bike yourself. Without your additional power, the bike will travel at about 15 to 17 mph on flat ground.

The bike’s battery slips out quickly and can be fully charged in about three hours. The Pedego foldable electric bike has an LED interface with a USB connection that allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other electronics charged through USB.

The attached video shows how to use a series of quick release levers to fold the bike into a small package in less than a minute. The folded bike is about the size of a small suitcase, making it easy to load the bike into the cabin. Latch is belt driven, so you won’t need to worry about getting grease on the interior of the airplane. The bike weighs in at 50 pounds with the battery attached.

The lever system also makes it quick and easy to adjust the fit to different sizes of riders.

The price of Latch foldable electric bike ranges from $2,595 to $2,895 depending on battery selection. Color choices include Space Blue, Sporty Lime Green and Sleek Black.

A pilot for more than three decades, Craig Fuller is owner and CEO of FLYING parent company Firecrown Media.

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