One Billion Drones by 2030?

U.S. futurist Thomas Frey believes there could be as many as 1 billion drones flying, swimming and rolling on the ground by 2030. Wikimedia Commons

No, there will not be 1 billion drones flying around the world in 2030. The concept of a drone, as defined by futurist Thomas Frey, means there will be 1 billion unmanned vehicles flying, rolling, swimming and more.

Frey touched on the impact drones could have in the future while speaking at the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane.

"In the future drones are going to have multiple capabilities, so let's not think of them as little flying cameras," he told the audience.

"They can also roll on the ground, they can stick to the side of a building, float in the river, dive under water… they can climb a tree and attach themselves like a parasite to the side of a plane. A driverless car is a drone."

Frey said he believed one day every city would have its own fleet of drones, making tasks more efficient across areas like health, education, business, travel, and leisure.

While Frey expects drones to have a positive impact moving forward, he said the industry needs to recognize that until battery technology makes major leaps forward, the impact is always going to be limited.

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