NTSB’s New Podcast Will Focus on People

The NTSB’s new podcast, “Behind the Scene,” will share stories of how accidents are investigated. Pixabay

Stop off at the USA.gov website and you'll find a long list of government organizations that halted production of their podcasts, from the U.S. Air Force, to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and even the White House.

But the NTSB plans to soon join federal podcast survivors like the National Institute of Health and NASA with it’s own show called "Behind the Scene." The NTSB is an independent federal agency created to uncover the “why” behind accidents and incidents in the aviation, highway, rail, pipeline and marine industries, as well as to make recommendations to prevent a recurrence. The Board has investigated some 132,000 accidents during its 50-year history, issuing more than 13,000 safety recommendations along the way.

NTSB spokesman for safety advocacy Erik Strickland told Flying the goal of the bi-weekly show is to offer listeners a chance to hear from "some of the amazing people" who work at the Board as they hear the stories of how the Board solves transportation mysteries. Strickland said the podcast is a natural evolution to the NTSB's social media presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as the blog now in its sixth year online.

Strickland said the shows are expected to run about 45-minutes each, just long enough to entice listeners to download an episode for their daily commute. The NTSB plans to produce the entire podcast in house with help from the Board’s James Anderson in the digital services division. Even the show’s distinctive intro and outro music were created in-house, Strickland added. The show will also offer listeners an easy way to send questions and comments about the topics presented.

The first show, expected to publish around the first of October, will feature an interview with the Board’s new Chairman and longtime member Robert L. Sumwalt. The shows will be available from Apple podcasts and Google Play.

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