NTSB Describes ‘High-Energy Impact’ in Roy Halladay Crash

The NTSB is interviewing witnesses and reviewing video related to Roy Halladay’s fatal Icon A5 crash. Roy Halladay/Twitter

The National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday said Roy Halladay’s Icon A5 was recovered in shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico near New Port Richey, Florida, after a “high-energy impact” killed the 40-year-old former Major League pitcher.

NTSB investigators want to review video shot moments before the crash and talk with eyewitnesses who have described a pilot who may have been “showboating” or “hot dogging” in his A5 leading up to the crash.

One of those witnesses, Fred Grunden, told Flying he watched as Halladay performed a series of aggressive maneuvers at low altitude before crashing into the water under control at high speed. "It looked like an airshow" he was putting on, Grunden said.

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Investigators have recovered the flight data recorder units from the plane and will begin the process of analyzing the data after downloading it at the NTSB headquarters in Washington, D.C. A preliminary report is expected in 7-10 days.

A boater who supplied video to TMZ showing Halladay’s A5 banking sharply and descending low over the water said the airplane reached heights as low as 5 feet before the crash.


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