WAI Launches ‘Bring Your Daughter to the Convention Day’

Credit EAA president Rod Hightower for inspiring the idea for Women in Aviation Internatonal's inaugural "Bring Your Daughter to the Convention Day," to take place on March 10 at the WAI annual convention in Dallas.

Asked to speak at the conference, Hightower said he would be happy to, and that he also planned to bring two of his own daughters (who he says are “crazy about aviation”) to the show. That sparked the idea among WAI organizers to ask others to bring their daughters to the conference as well, where the association plans to host a full day of events for girls ages 10 to 18.

Activities planned for the day include simulator sessions, a scavenger hunt where girls will have the chance to learn about various aviation career paths, and talks by women pilots. WAI president Peggy Chabrian said she is also working with the Dallas Council of Girl Scouts to invite local girls to attend, as well as with local EAA chapters and AOPA. It is estimated that around 200 girls will participate in the program.

“We are always saying we need to reach out to young people to grow our industry, and this is one of WAI’s contributions to that effort,” Chabrian said.


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