The Texas Motor Speedway

The Texas Motor Speedway is hosting the IRL (Indy Race League) Bombardier 500 Race, presented by Flying Magazine June 5-7, 2003. Flying is also sponsoring the Flying Texas 200 Air Race. This cross country air race is a handicapped, speed event operated under daylight, VFR conditions. U.S Air Race rules apply. The race is open to all pilots and normally aspirated aircraft. The entry fee is $150. Entries are open for the June 7, 2003 Flying Texas 200 Air Race presented by U.S. Air Race, Inc. Act fast and you can be presented to an estimated 150,000 race fans as the first, second or third place team of this 200-mile cross country air race. Veteran racers, Shelby Bowles, Greg Marshall, Dennis and Jeanette Hackler are expected. Cirrus has already committed to entering two teams. All teams will receive Flying Texas 200 Air Race polo shirts, Flying hats and passes to the Texas Motor Speedway. FAA waivers will allow the planes to pass close to the Texas Motor Speedway after take-off and again after completing the 200-mile air race. As the teams pass by the Speedway, they will be announced to the race fans over the public address system. Fort Worth and Dallas media coverage is expected and national sport network coverage is possible. Entries received by May 24 will be included in the official Texas 200 race program. For questions contact Pat Keefer at or Pat Purcell at The U.S. Air Race will also be running three Centennial Celebration events July18-25: the Historic Air Cruise, the Renaissance 300 Air Race and the 1800-mile Marion Jayne Air Race. These events are sanctioned by the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission and more information is available on the web site at Entries are open until July 18, 2003.


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