Spidertracks Now Available Through Artex

Well-known ELT manufacturer Artex Aircraft Supplies, a part of the UK-based Cobham Group's Avionics and Surveillance Division, announced last week it had signed an agreement to distribute 'spidertracks' surveillance devices. Priced at less than $2,000 per unit, spidertracks are GPS-based tracking devices for light aircraft. They are interchangeable from aircraft to aircraft and do not require an external antenna. Each unit transmits information on position, altitude, speed and track via the 66-satellite Iridium network. The data is then accessible on the Internet to approved users, worldwide. It is thought that contractors to the U.S. and Canadian forest services are possible customers, since such a monitoring system is now required. Other possible applications are flight schools, charter, air taxis or freight-delivery services for fleet tracking. An optional keypad allows pilots to control how often the data is transmitted, and to send pre-set messages. Artex is based in Aurora, Oregon.

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