Sales of Used Turbine Aircraft Continue to Decline

Often considered one of the best barometers of general aviation health, the numbers for used turbine aircraft sales continue to decline overall, though sales outside North America are on the rise. According to AvData, based in Utica, New York, business jet sales in North America were down from 199 in June 2007 to 116 in June 2008. Outside the continent, however, sales of turbofans grew to 49 in June this year from 33 last year. Used jet sales for the month of June in North America had been relatively stable over the past two years before this year's decline; just as they had been steady outside North America before this year's increases. Throughout the globe, June jet sales dropped to 165 aircraft this year compared with 232 for June of 2007. Used turboprops showed significant declines in sales to North American buyers, while sales outside the continent increased slightly this past June compared to the same month's figures for last year.

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