SAFE Offers ‘Flying Tips’ CDs to New and Renewing Members

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has begun providing new and renewing members complimentary copies of a 37-minute CD aptly titled "Flying Tips." Produced and donated to SAFE by, the CD includes audio tips recorded by SAFE member and Master Instructor Rich Stowell on subjects ranging from human factors and the fundamentals of aircraft control to flying in the traffic pattern. The next 200 aviation educators to join or renew with SAFE will each receive three copies of the CD.

“We are grateful to Gold Seal for personalizing the CDs with the SAFE logo, and hope that our new and renewing members will pass the extra copies along to their students,” said SAFE executive director Doug Stewart.

SAFE represents about 700 aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries. The association says its membership includes the majority of Master Instructors as well as numerous local, regional and national General Aviation Awards winners. SAFE also administers a needs-based mentoring program for aviation educators and is leading the so-called Pilot Training Reform Initiative.


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