Rolls-Royce Introduces RR500 Turboprop; Circa 400 shp

Punctuated by a blast of dry ice smoke, Rolls-Royce rolled out its latest new civil engine, the RR500 turboprop during the week of EAA AirVenture. The new engine is derived from the RR300 turboshaft announced last year to power the Robinson R66 helicopter. The RR500 uses the same core, but includes a gearbox for attachment to a propeller. Rolls-Royce said the engine is targeted in the 350 to 450 shp range, and said it was aimed at a range of light single and twin-engine aircraft. Attending the rollout were a number of top-level industry executives, including Cessna CEO Jack Pelton who said Cessna could be interested in the engine, possibly for a twin. Rolls-Royce did not name any specific airframe manufacturers as candidates for the RR500.

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