Parade of Pistons Beats the Heat in Denver

More than 1,000 general aviation buyers braved triple-digit temperatures to visit Centennial Airport in Denver last week for the third in a series of Parade of Piston events. Fifteen aircraft manufacturers were represented and up to a dozen aircraft were sold on site. Sponsored in part by Flying and AMPT Associates, a leading motor sports marketing firm, the event was hosted by Denver jetCenter, which provided respite from the heat in its air conditioned terminal complex. Visitors were rewarded with the debut of the latest new offering from light sport manufacturer Evektor, presented in public for the first time at the Denver event. With the cancellation earlier this year of the annual Rocky Mountain-area regional fly-in, the Parade of Pistons gave Denver-area pilots something to look forward to this summer, despite the heat. The next Parade of Pistons show is scheduled for September 25 - 27 in Asheville, North Carolina (KAVL).

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