NASA’s Art Donors

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum opened a new art exhibition entitled, "Generous Friends: Building an Art Collection for the National Air and Space Museum" that will run through the fall of 2006. The exhibit includes donor contributions of commissioned art pieces from special NASA projects. The 72 pieces of art, drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry and prints illuminate the development of powered flight and space exploration. Highlights include James Wyeth's Gemini Launch Pad and Norman Rockwell's painting, Behind Apollo 11, featuring space staff and astronauts looking skyward. To visit the exhibit, located in the Flight and the Arts gallery in the Mall museum building, call 202/633-1000 or visit

(right) Escape Tower by Robert T. McCall, watercolor and felt-tip pen on paper. Transferred from NASA. [Photo: Eric Long/OIPP, NASM, Smithsonian Institution]


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