NAFI, Avemco Launch Flight Instructor Insurance Program

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and Avemco Insurance Company kicked off the New Year with the creation of a new non-owned insurance program created specifically for flight instructors.

The NAFI CFI Insurance Program, underwritten by Avemco, features professional liability coverage and liability limit options for single- and multi-engine aircraft including seaplanes, experimentals and light sport airplanes. Automatically included in the policy is non-owned coverage for an instructor’s personal flying.

"We worked closely with NAFI to develop this program with the knowledge that professional flight instructors need the right insurance when they're actively giving flight instruction to their students,” said Avemco president Jim Lauerman. “This alliance is important to us because we recognize the professionalism in flight instruction that NAFI and all of its members bring to the flight training community,"

The Avemco policy is tailored for NAFI CFIs who instruct in an aircraft they don't own. It includes extra policy features and benefits, including: professional liability that includes covered liability claims from past instruction as long as the NAFI member has a current policy in force at the time of the accident; option to save on the premium by only purchasing coverage for the select type aircraft in which the CFI instructs; 19 limit options for Aircraft Damage Liability (ADL) coverage; up to 10 percent annual premium credit with the Avemco Safety Rewards Program.

The NAFI Flight Instructor Insurance plan is currently available only to NFAI members.


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