Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Flying Editors on the Air

** Flying Editors Robert Goyer and Les Abend**

Flying editor-in-chief Robert Goyer and contributing editor Les Abend took to the mainstream airwaves following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to lend their expertise to the conversation.

Abend, a senior 777 pilot for a major U.S. airline, discussed the complexities of the systems on the Boeing jet in more than a dozen cable TV and radio appearances, including on Fox and CNN. Abend put forth the widely repeated theory that a fire in an accessory bay might have been the cause of the crew being disabled and thereby unable to fly the airplane or communicate while the plane flew on autopilot.

Goyer discussed the human factors and logistics of suspected scenarios and debunked myths about what might have happened. His piece on on why the flight path necessitated the presence of a human pilot has been viewed by nearly 10 million people and was widely discussed and referenced by multiple media outlets, including the New York Times and ABC News.

Watch Robert Goyer's discussion on CNN below.

Check out Les Abend's appearance on CNN here.

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