King Schools Sweepstakes Winner Announced

In a coup reminiscent of Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, John and Martha King completely surprised their 35th anniversary King Schools Sweepstakes winner. After the Kings were invited to explore the hangar and 1978 Piper Arrow belonging to Rodney Mullinax at the airport in Mount Vernon, Illinois, John King asked if Rodney had ever considered getting a Seaplane rating. John subsequently pulled out the winning certificate, and a teary-eyed Rodney accepted this year's sweepstakes prizes — a Seaplane rating and bush flying course from Alaska Floats and Skis in Talkeetna, Alaska, a Redbird TD simulator and the King Schools Get it All — Private Pilot Kit.

A Commercial Pilot and CFI living in Texico, Illinois, Mullinax will travel with his wife, Jana, who is a student pilot, to Talkeetna for an all expenses paid vacation that includes Rodney's flight training for the bush pilot course and Seaplane rating. The table mounted Redbird TD simulator and Get it All kit will serve as good tools for Jana's continued flight training.

A video of the delivery of the sweepstakes certificate can be seen here.


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