Gordon Baxter Celebrates 80th Birthday


In late February, 600 of Gordon Baxter's friends and admirers gathered at the Holiday Inn in Beaumont, Texas, for an 80th birthday tribute celebration in his honor.

Flying readers perhaps know Baxter best for his much-beloved "Bax Seat" column, which ran in Flying from 1971 to 1998 and made it common practice for readers to begin Flying at the back. In the column, Bax wrote about the romance of flight and his lifelong status as an "airport bum." And Bax was an airport bum. In fact, when his daughter Jenny asked whether he was famous, he replied that he was, within a one-mile radius of an airport.

But Bax's fame extended much farther than that. He made his living as a radio personality in the Beaumont area for more than 40 years, and his good ole boy persona attracted listeners of all ages. In addition, he wrote for other magazines, including Car and Driver, and authored 11 books.

Well-wishers can write to Bax at College Street Nursing Center, 4150 College, Beaumont, Texas 77707. Remember Bax here


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