ForeFlight Expands Into Canada

iPad app developer ForeFlight has added coverage of Canada to its all-in-one iPad app, making it only the second electronic chart provider we know of to include international coverage in its offerings. The other, of course, is Jeppesen, which offers worldwide coverage.

ForeFlight’s achievement should not be underestimated. ForeFlight co-founder Tyson Weihs told me the hoops his company had to jump through to get the Canadian charts were numerous and challenging, not to mention expensive. But the results will be worth it for pilots who ply Canadian airways.

The ForeFlight Canada charts, which can with approval be used for IFR, says ForeFlight, will give users all the charts from Nav Canada, including CAPs instrument procedures and airport taxi diagrams, as well as low and high IFR enroute charts. The Canadian subscription goes for $149.99 per year with special offers available to fleet operators.


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