Flying at Sun ‘n Fun

Last week's Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo marked the 36th year of the renowned "Spring Break for Pilots" that takes place annually at Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. KLAL becomes the world's busiest airport during the six-day event, attracting an estimated 150,000 to 170,000 aviation enthusiasts who come from North America and 80 other countries to witness one of the industry's most exciting events. We've highlighted some of the on-the-scene action experienced by the Flying crew. We'll look for you at the next big general aviation event, AirVenture in Oskosh July 26 - Aug. 1. You can be sure we'll be there, big red tent and all.

Sun n Fun 2010 Photo Gallery Updated Sunday, April 18, 2010

Logbook: Splash In at Fantasy of Flight Managing Editor Connie Sue White gets her first ride in a seaplane — and loved it!

Sun n Fun: 20 Years Perspective Flying's eNewsletter Editor Mark Phelps shares some personal observations of this year's event.

Splash In Photo Gallery Lots of Sun n Fun attendees of the amphious kind headed to get wet at the Fantasy of Flight event featuring key note speaker "Miracle on the Hudson" US Airways First Officer Jeff Skiles.

UPDATED WITH VIDEO! Logbook: The Sun 'n Fun Adventure Connie Sue gets in on the Hare and the Hound hot air balloon chase

UPDATED WITH VIDEO! Logbook: The Sun 'n Fun Adventure Continues From hot air balloon to Waco, all in one day!


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