FAA Rescinds Southeast ADS-B Notam


Reacting to complaints from pilots and general aviation groups, the FAA has rescinded a notam published at the start of this month which had cautioned that, due to "military activity" in the Southeast U.S., ADS-B and TCAS could be unreliable throughout the region for the month of September.

In its place the FAA has published new notams that specify locations, altitudes, timeframes and equipment affected. The FAA may issue more notices between now and the beginning of October warning of similar activity, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association, which along with AOPA voiced concerns about the vague nature of the notam published at the start of the September.

"We appreciate the FAA's willingness to step back from the original notam, which was causing considerable alarm for pilots, and work with us to provide more accurate and useful data to the aviation community," said Rune Duke, AOPA director of air traffic and airspace, according to the association's website.

Still, AOPA cautions, pilots should remain extra vigilant and report any anomalies with their ADS-B or TCAS systems to air traffic control.

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