EAA Submits Comments on GA Through-The-Fence Proposal

This week EAA submitted comments to the FAA's proposal for regulating "Residential Through-the-Fence (RTTF) Access at General Aviation Airports." The comments are the result of three years of negotiations between EAA and the FAA Airports Division to grant residential property owners living adjacent to an airport direct access so they can fly. The FAA issued a draft policy change to the Airport Compliance Manual (FAA Order 5190.6B), granting RTTF access.

"In our comments we clearly state appreciation for the FAA clarifying and re-establishing three fundamental rights that all aircraft and homeowners should have including those who operate as an RTTF homeowner," said Randy Hansen, EAA government relations director. "The FAA clarified that all aircraft owners have the right to self-maintain/refuel their own aircraft, conduct non-aeronautical commercial businesses out of their homes, and be able to tie a standard 30-year home loan into their airport RTTF access agreement."

The FAA is accepting comments on the proposal through tomorrow here.


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