Dynon Adds Free Data Logging to SkyView

Dynon Avionics has added data logging to its SkyView integrated glass panel avionics, an upgrade that allows users to record and store up to 150 hours of flight and engine data. Best of all, data logging is included in SkyView firmware Version 5.1, a free upgrade for SkyView owners.

Data logging will be especially useful during the flight test phase of new homebuilt airplanes, noted Michael Schofield, Dynon marketing manager. “Flight data helps document the aircraft performance and operating envelope, while comprehensive engine data can aid in the detection and diagnosis of powerplant issues.”

The ability to perform data logging has been cited by the NTSB as a needed safety improvement for aircraft kit builders.

The new user data log records the entire state of the SkyView system — over 100 parameters — and includes all ADAHRS (flight instrument) data, engine data, GPS data, autopilot status, transponder status, time and more. SkyView can record between two and 150 hours of flight time depending on the recording frequency selected, with choices between 0.1 Hz and 16 Hz.

The user data log exports to a USB memory stick as a standard CSV (comma separated value) file. The log file can then be viewed in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, or analyzed using online tools, with one of the preferred being the one offered at SavvyAnalysis.com.


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