Documentary to Highlight Burt Rutan’s New Plane

Film will detail aviation giant's latest invention.

Burt Rutan may have retired from his aerospace company Scaled Composites five years ago, but the 71-year-old aviation legend is far from done when it comes to working on new innovations.

The man behind prolific advancements in the field of flying — including the remarkably successful VariEze homebuilt, the Voyager, the first plane to fly around the world without refueling, and the revolutionary SpaceShipOne, just to name a few — is at it again, crafting a new invention within the confines of his garage.

That new plane is to be a key focus of a new documentary film titled Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story, to be directed and produced by the award winning team behind the SpaceShipOne documentary Black Sky.

“I can’t reveal much about the plane, but it will be a game changer,” says the film’s co-director Scott B. “It’ll do things no plane has ever done before.”

The team behind the film, made up of Sandy Guthrie, Scott B and Patricia Bischetti, says it first began filming for the project in 2011. The group is now hoping to garner the funds needed for the documentary through a kickstarter campaign, which is aiming to raise at least $80,000 by March 28.

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