Cirrus’s New Perspective Alters Avidyne’s Market Position

One of the first questions many are asking is, "How will Avidyne survive, now that Cirrus has embraced Garmin?" The ultimate answer will come with time; but Avidyne has reminded the market that it is still the sole producer of avionics for the Cirrus SR20, and remains the standard suite for the SR22, for those buyers not willing to pony up the additional $48,000 (though history shows that most new aircraft buyers will pay the extra for the latest technology). Still, Avidyne has built a strong following with its new flight management system and has prospered in the market for multifunction-display retrofits in turbine aircraft as radar replacements. Avidyne's lightning and traffic warning technology is also a formidable profit center, as is its complement of retrofit avionics.

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