Chemtrail Plane Unmasked?

A Facebook post purports to show a secret government spray rig.

Conspiracy theorists love aviation. One of the kookier theories is that the government operates high-flying aircraft to leave chemical contrails of mind-altering drugs to keep the populace in check. A Facebook post used this photo to prove the chemtrail theory, and one of our longtime readers sent it to us to see if we could identify the plane. After a short time, the plane in question got tracked down. In the meantime, we wonder if any of you readers (not associated with the government’s secret mind-control program — joke) might know where the test rig being shown.

Read a little further to see what the true story is.*

The airplane in question turned out to be Evergreen Airlines’ modified 747 water tanker. The evil deed that it’s up to is extinguishing wildfires with the biggest water payload in the world.

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