AOPA Revamps Membership Fees

AOPA has released a revised membership fee plan that raises the base level membership while offering new tiered plans that include popular member benefits.

The basic membership provides advocacy services (something every member gets regardless of the level), website access, their choice of AOPA publication, online flight planning tools and other online benefits. Members can save $10 off that plan by opting for an electronic publication instead. The annual plan packages go up to the $179 Premier Plus membership level, which adds Pilot Protection Services to the overall package.

AOPA says the plan saves pilots about 20 percent over purchasing membership and pilot protection services separately. In a call with Flying before the launch of the new plan, Baker said that he hopes members will appreciate the work that AOPA does on their behalf and the benefits it offers them and realize that even with the increase in baseline membership cost, an AOPA membership still represents a great value.

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