AOPA Names New President, CEO

** Mark Baker** AOPA

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has named a newcomer as president and CEO to replace Craig Fuller. Mark Baker, a longtime executive in the home improvement industry and 7,500-hour pilot, will take the reins on September 6. Baker, who is a native of Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, emerged in a nationwide search as a strong candidate, AOPA says. In addition to the role of president, Baker will become chairman of AOPA’s political action committee, CEO and publisher of the organization’s member-distributed emails, newsletters and magazines.

Baker replaces Fuller at a time when the organization is at a crossroads, leveraging its declining membership for revenue by introducing commercial and lifestyle programs that have proven unpopular with members and partners while continuing to provide extensive advocacy outreach for general aviation and for pilots of GA aircraft.

There was speculation for months leading up to Baker’s appointment that a well known, veteran industry insider would win the AOPA job. As it turns out, AOPA members and the industry as a whole will get to know a new face in an important role.

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