NBAA’s Free Virtual Safety Week Focuses on Single-Pilot Topics

NBAA’s annual safety standdown and forum go virtual for 2020.

As the COVID-19 pandemic grinds on and more pilots are flying fewer hours, it is more important than ever to stay focused on safety. When the workload of flying single-pilot crashes head-on into the stresses of our personal lives, it is sometimes easy to push aviation safety away from top-of-the-mind. However, it is then that National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) says all pilots should stay focused on maximizing safety even when we are not flying.

To help pilots think more about safety right now, NBAA has created the NBAA GO Virtual Safety Week October 5 to 9, 2020, featuring its annual Single-Pilot Safety Standdown and National Safety Forum events where a wide range of safety topics will be discussed by top safety experts, all in a free virtual (digital) environment. All information about individual sessions and registration can be found here.

“It is imperative to bring the industry together to engage in mutual learning for increasing safety performance and also fitness for duty,” said Dan Hubbard, NBAA’s senior vice president of communications. “NBAA and its Safety Committee are pleased to once again host the annual Single-Pilot Safety Standdown and National Safety Forum, now in a free, all-digital experience.”

Registration to the Virtual Safety Week is gratis and includes live online access to all sessions. The sessions will be recorded and posted online so NBAA members can replay sessions for free until October 18. Thereafter, the entire Virtual Safety Week package will be available to view for $99.

NBAA’s Virtual Safety Week
The safety topics to be discussed at NBAA’s Virtual Safety Week will be valuable information for all pilots, not just professionals. NBAA

The live Single-Pilot Safety Standdown sessions will be Monday, October 5, and Tuesday, October 6. “Join our virtual Safety Standdown to learn from common accident and incident scenarios that could similarly negatively affect your flying, and understand options for success in your flying by timely addressing critical decision-making away from high workload conditions, and thus increasing the margins of safety in your single-pilot business flying,” NBAA said. The standdown is a version of the in-person standdown that was co-hosted by Bombardier and NBAA at last year’s convention.

On Wednesday, October 7 at 11 am EDT, NBAA will present the annual Safety Week Awards as it recognizes excellence in the areas of safe flight and professionalism. NBAA member companies achieving 50 or 60 years of accident-free flying and individuals who are the pillars of professionalism in the business aviation community will be recognized with NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Awards. Additionally, one business aviation flight crew will be recognized with a new Above and Beyond Airmanship Award for their actions and airmanship while responding to a significant in-flight emergency that resulted in a safe outcome for all on board.

The National Safety Forum live sessions will be Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9. Several sessions of this year’s Forum will focus on how individual aviation professionals can optimize their performance through effective sleep management, as well as maintaining a healthy mind and healthy body. Fatigue Risk Management Systems and new operational considerations and technologies to help with predictive and proactive approaches to managing fatigue will also be presented.

There are a number of opportunities for companies to get brand visibility throughout NBAA’s Virtual Safety Week, including pre-event promotional materials, promotional videos, recognition during live sessions, and post-event follow-up materials. Learn more about sponsorships here.


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