MVP Aero Prototype To Be Tested in Maine

MVP Aero Prototype To Be Tested in Maine MVP Aero

MVP Aero, a would-be maker of an amphibious, folding-wing airplane designed to convert to a fishing boat or mobile camper, says flight testing of the ambitious design will take place in Maine at a former Navy base.

The company will be a tenant at TechPlace, a business incubator at the former Navy base near the Androscoggin River and Casco Bay, where it will begin flying a prototype 18 months to two years from now.

MVP Aero is believed to be about three to four years away from manufacturing the production LSA, with final production sites still undecided. Glasair Aviation in Washington and Fibercraft in Florida have been tapped as manufacturing partners, but MVP Aero says additional sites, including in Maine, could be brought online.

Target price for the MVP Aero in its S-LSA version is around $219,000.


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