Update: Zipline Flies Without Ground Observers Under ‘Holy Grail’ of Drone Approvals

The flight follows Zipline’s FAA approval to remove visual observers from its drone delivery operations, opening up longer routes and more customers.
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FAA Investigating Drone Incursion at Thursday Night NFL Game

The incident was the latest in a series of drone-related intrusions over American pro sports stadiums, worrying NFL officials and U.S. lawmakers alike.
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Will the Most Powerful Rocket Ever Built Fly Again This Week?

We try to answer that question and more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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Elroy Air Conducts Groundbreaking Flight of Hybrid-Electric Cargo Drone

The company calls the aircraft a turbogenerator-hyrbid electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft—hVTOL, for short—and claims it’s the first of its kind to ...
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Airbus U.S. Space and Defense Adds New Line of Business in Drones

Airbus’ latest business venture is staffed by a plethora of U.S. military veterans, including several with Army and Air Force backgrounds.
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Honeywell AAM Business Racks Up $10B Worth of Contracts

Known more for its work with traditional aviation manufacturers and airlines, Honeywell is also heavily invested in the advanced air mobility space—and vice ...
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Will U.S. Sanctions Dull Russian Lancets?

We examine that question and plenty more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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U.S. Sanctions Take Aim at Russia’s Lancet Kamikaze Drones for First Time

Sanctions brought by the U.S. State, Commerce, and Treasury departments target companies producing loitering munitions used by Russia against Ukraine.
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Pentagon Confirms U.S. Flying Surveillance Drones Over Gaza

U.S. Special Operations Forces are operating an estimated seven MQ-9 Reaper UAVs, conducting daily flights over the war-torn area in an effort to ...
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Helijet Brings Electric Air Taxis to Canada

We round up news from Helijet, Beta Technologies, SpaceX, Zipline, and plenty more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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