Lynx Systems Now Connect to ForeFlight

The NGT-9000 is one of three Lynx ADS-B systems that are now compatible with ForeFlight Mobile. L-3

Lynx fans can rejoice, as three of its ADS-B systems are now compatible with ForeFlight Mobile.

L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000, -2500 and -2000 series ADS-B systems can now connect wirelessly with the ForeFlight app, allowing users to overlay traffic, weather and GPS data on the app’s numerous charts and maps. The systems can connect via Wi-Fi, which comes standard on the compatible Lynx ADS-B models. In order to connect, ForeFlight Mobile version 7.7.2 and the L-3 wireless ADS-B module are required.

ForeFlight continues to expand its connectivity options; the app is also compatible with Avidyne, Garmin, FreeFlight and Appareo systems.


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