Luxury Fly-In Community Offers Retreat

The Fields, Located in Southeast Tennessee, offers a unique landscape. [courtesy, The Fields]

From our partners at The Fields

Adjacent Riverfront Property Allows for the Ultimate Escape

Tucked half a mile  from the southern entrance of The Fields—where development is underway at the highly anticipated 1,500-acre, luxury fly-in community in Southeast Tennessee—sits a serene section of the Sequatchie River planned for near-term development. With nearly a mile of meandering shoreline, the property will form the epicenter of water sports and riverside amenities at The Fields, including guided and unguided fishing, paddling activities, a unique dining experience, as well as a concert and events venue for residents and guests.  

Phase 1 in the Sequatchie Valley offers runway lots. [courtesy, The Fields]

“The vision for amenities at The Fields was to incorporate the Sequatchie River from day one,” says Jon Ricketts, managing partner. “It’s a hallmark of the valley and compliments the outdoor recreation and lifestyle community that we are developing. We are excited to add this section of The Fields into the broader master plan and offer our residents and guests another space to explore and enjoy.”

In addition to amenities, this space will also host the full-service outfitter at The Fields, equipped with the latest in outdoor gear and accessories for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, cycling, climbing, and hiking. The outfitter will serve as a base camp for all the leased-equipment needs of residents and their guests who wish to pursue outdoor recreation while there. Residents and guests may also take
advantage of concierge services to schedule excursions as well as attend to any repair needs related to outdoor recreation activities. 

Phase III development study. [courtesy, The Fields]

Unique Concert Venue

The Sequatchie River is the perfect location to enjoy outdoor activities. In addition to the recreational experiences for residents and their guests, the property will feature an intimate outdoor venue for riverfront concerts. Seasonally, The Fields plans to host a series featuring new and established artists, offering a unique setting alongside the river. With beautiful views of the sunset in the Sequatchie Valley, the location has the potential to become a bucket-list destination for music enthusiasts across the country.

Culinary Experiences

The Fields will feature multiple unique culinary experiences. In addition to the onsite farm-to-table grocery store and restaurant adjacent to the runway and FBO, the riverfront property will contain an indoor/outdoor brewery and restaurant for both convenient, and high-quality dining options in a picturesque setting.

Early Phase Master Plans Show Additional Designs

Concurrent with the river property development, architectural renderings are being finalized which tie in the private airport (Phase 1), homesites (Phase 2), and a resort hotel/spa and equestrian center (Phase 3). “The master plan has evolved over the past 12 months into a final product that reflects the natural flow of the property. We were able to expand the proposed runway by both length and width while preserving access to contiguous phases and residential acreage. Our land development and usage strategy will continue to lead us as we announce future phases and opportunities,” Ricketts says.

Circulation and yield concept. [courtesy, The Fields]

Residential Lots 

The residential design of Phase 1 allows for both diversity of lot size and diversity of hangar/housing style. From the plan, the viewer is drawn to estate-sized lots to the northern and southern borders of the fly-in community. Interior to those are a variety of single-family hangar home lots, ranging from one-half acre to greater than an acre, with the ability for buyers to acquire multiple lots if desired. The Fields will also offer hangar townhomes and hangar condos—all accessible to the planned taxiways and runway.  With over half of the available acreage under reservation, The Fields will move into individual lot selection in December.

Phase I yield study. [courtesy, The Fields]

Equestrian Center With Resort and Wellness Center

Situated to the southwest of Phase 1 and Phase 2 is the planned home of the The Fields equestrian center and resort and spa. The development strategy behind this acreage is to give a dedicated space for residents and guests to spread out while enjoying amenities, such as the stables, trailheads, and the general serenity of the Sequatchie Valley. “Apart from the runway, the resort hotel and wellness center has generated the most enthusiasm among future residents at The Fields,” Ricketts says. “The ability to walk, bike, or take a golf cart a few minutes down the path to experience the wellness center offerings, as well as enjoy the restaurant and lounge area at the hotel is both convenient and exciting, it’s what new urbanism design planning is all about.”

Fly Here, Live Here, Stay Here

The Fields will be built around a 4,300-foot paved runway with taxiways to every lot developed in Phase 1. Lot reservations are underway. Contact us at as soon as possible to learn more about becoming a resident in this unprecedented, exclusive airpark.

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