LoPresti Joins Newly Created Whelen Aviation Technologies

Whelen and LoPresti are leading makers of aviation lighting. Courtesy LoPresti

Whelen Engineering’s purchase of LoPresti Aviation has led to the creation of a powerhouse in aviation lighting as Whelen and LoPresti products are now joined under a new entity called Whelen Aviation Technologies.

Whelen completed its acquisition of LoPresti last month and has now begun the work of integrating the two well-known brand names under a single banner. The new entity is now based in Chester, Connecticut, Whelen Engineering’s long-established headquarters.

As part of the purchase, Whelen also gains LoPresti’s aircraft speed modification business, its HID lighting line and a new division it established to market its own line of LED landing and taxi lights.

LoPresti is known for its speed mods for Pipers, Mooneys and other general aviation aircraft, including specialized cowls, gap seals and other products aimed at eliminating sources of parasitic drag. The speed mod business will continue and it, along with the LoPresti's lighting division including the Illumivation lighting line, will remain based in Florida. The WAT website features products for three brands: Whelen, Illumivation and LoPresti.

“WAT enables both companies to combine resources and deliver distinct technologies to the market,” said Whelen president and CEO George Whelen. “This transaction allows us to harness our collective resources, innovation capabilities, and market positions to even better serve the industry globally.”


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