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HondaJet Yoke [Courtesy: Jet It]

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In today’s job market, pilots are at the helm of their careers. According to Raymond James analyst Savanthi Syth, domestic airlines have more than 13,000 pilot positions to fill this year and in 2023. 

The Upshot: Pilots Have Their Pick of Postings 

So why is fractional jet ownership company Jet It attracting so many pilots? Its unique approach offers one-of-a-kind opportunities. 

“Jet It sparked my interest when I learned it was an aviation company built by aviators,” remarks Jay Langford, Jet It assistant chief pilot/training captain. “Glenn, Jet It’s founder and CEO, is a former Air Force F-15 pilot who doesn’t hesitate to show his appreciation for service to our veteran employees. I appreciate that acknowledgement.” 

Ricardo Cartagena concurs with the importance of company leadership. “Glenn is so inspirational,” Cartagena says. “He makes you feel like something extraordinary is possible.”

“Having a pilot at the reins puts our quality of life on the forefront of what’s important,” adds first officer Isaac Van de Berg. 

In addition to the unique perks of flying for a pilot-owned and operated company, Jet It also offers a host of other benefits. 

“It’s important that we take care of our pilots and crew,” says Jet It CEO Glenn Gonzales. “We complement our empowering company culture with competitive compensation and an elevated quality of life, which includes home-basing, bonuses, and unlimited PTO.” 

Jet It and Jet It Club co-founders Vishal Hiremath (left) and Glenn Gonzales (right) pilot a Jet It HondaJet. [Courtesy: Vishal Hiremath]

“I think by far the biggest selling point for pilots coming to Jet It is quality of life,” says Van de Berg. “Being homebased is truly a beautiful thing. When my trip is over, I know I'm going to be home at a reasonable hour, plus I don't have to spend a cent of my own money on the road.”

“Jet It stands out from 121 airlines by allowing me to live anywhere and providing travel to and from the aircraft,” agrees Langford. “Since I don’t live anywhere near standard airline crew bases, this was a key factor in my decision to apply. I no longer commute on my days off, and at my own expense.”

For Jet It Pilots, the Bonus Program and Generous Time Off Are Important Factors for Signing 

“The 30k bonus is truly awesome,” says Van de Berg. “We’re also paid extra above a certain number of flight hours per day or month. Plus unlimited time off means that I’m not stressed about making sure every vacation day is planned down to the hour.” 

“The unlimited PTO allows me to go on military orders to continue to serve my country as needed,” adds Cartagena. “There are so many great incentives to keep pilots motivated and feeling valued.”

Jet It is different, right down to its fleet. The company enhances its unparalleled day-use model and unrivaled hourly operation value with advanced HondaJets. These aircraft are a boon to passengers and pilots alike. 

“We enjoy flying a unique, state-of-the art aircraft,” says Langford. “You can find any ‘standard’ business jet on the airport ramp, but the HondaJet stands out.”

Jet It Helps Pilots Level Up Their Careers and Their Lives

Jet It G150 and HondaJet [Courtesy: Greg Loflin]

“When I found the new opportunities at Jet It, I was driven to be part of a new, fast-growing company,” says Langford. “I have moved up the ranks here quicker than I ever expected. Our constant growth is significant, and there are ample avenues for advancement. The leadership team is constantly striving to grow in multidimensional ways and improving employee job satisfaction.”

“We have an entire team to take care of us and help us with anything that may come up,” adds Van de Berg. “You get to know the people you fly with and become friends with them. We have a great team.”

“It's an amazing community with a diverse group of individuals that possess a tremendous amount of knowledge in the aviation community,” says Cartagena. “I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to fly for Jet It.” 

If you’re interested in having your quality of life take off, right along with your career, Jet It invites you to apply online or come to one of the company’s recruiting events

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