Kent State University Team Wins Cross-Country Air Race

A collegiate team, the Flying Flashes from Kent State University, won the 45th Air Race Classic.

A collegiate team, the Flying Flashes from Kent State University, won the 45th Air Race Classic. The top 10 winners—along with those for a long list of other prizes—were announced at a banquet at the race terminus in Terre Haute, Indiana, last night. Laura Wilson and Alex Johnson flew as Team 52 in a 2020 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.

The team also secured the top collegiate award, the Collegiate Challenge Trophy, with the top 10 rounded out with a full field of great competitors. A collegiate team also won last year’s virtual race—Team 49, Emma Hughes, Emily Hause, and Regine Rose Acosta from Western Michigan University. 

1#52 Flying FlashesLaura Wilson & Alex Johnson (Kent State University)
2020 Cessna/Skyhawk 172SP
2#16 Birds of ParagonKatie Truedson, Cassie Thompson-Pride & Connie Leege
2022 Piper/Archer PA-28-181
3#46 Comanch-me if you canAshley Zook & Elisabeth Millspaugh
1960 Piper/Comanche PA-24-250
4#40 Kay’s AngelsMel Shrewsbury & Lauren Heisey
1976 Cessna/Skyhawk 172M
5#99 The Whole SHE-BangLara Gaerte & Donna Harris
1979 Cessna/Skylane RG R182
6#9 Cardinal CruisersMinnetta Gardinier & Jeneanne Visser
1978 Cessna/Cardinal 177B
7#15 Team BernoulliNaiara Petralanda & Lauren Thompson
1960 Beechcraft/Debonair 33
8#20 DC3 (-1)Debi Dreyfuss & Joy Halcott
2005 Cessna/Skylane 182T
9#1 Michiana RedbirdsMargaret Wint & Sue Glisson
1969 Cessna/Cardinal 177B
10#10 Tennessee Flight TrainingBunnie Ambrose & Alexa Baumgartner
1993 Aerospatiale/Tampico TB9

Special awards were also on tap for Fastest Cessna and Fastest Piper, as well as one for the team that finished a clean race—but came in last in the non-disqualified standings. The top team featuring members of Women in Aviation International was recognized as well.

Even for those just winning leg prizes, the rewards of flying a good race present themselves clearly. “So far so good,” said veteran ARC racer Gretchen Jahn, who flew a Cessna 182 as Team 3, with fellow racer Terry Fiala—both from the Colorado 99s chapter. “No penalties, and the times match our stopwatch times within a couple of seconds…we are happy with a clean run.”


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