Jobs in Aviation Series: Orbital ATK’s Charlie Precourt

Not only can people start a new career in aviation, but the retired astronaut believes some candidates have an advantage over industry veterans.

When a person thinks about making a career change and starting fresh in a new industry, one of the primary concerns is having to learn an entirely new skillset. But as Charlie Precourt, General Manager of Propulsion Systems at Orbital ATK, told Rod McDermott in the second installment of our Jobs in Aviation series, that isn’t the case in this industry anymore. In fact, some candidates may already even have a leg up on the people who would train them.

“We had a couple folks in our supply chain area that came directly from the automotive world, and actually they do a lot higher rate production than we do, so that was a real benefit for us, to get that kind of expertise” the former NASA astronaut and retired U.S. Air Force colonel explained.

Because there’s an increased demand for people with engineering and manufacturing experience, Orbital is more than willing to train new candidates and give them the knowledge they’ll need to contribute in this industry. “Bring those skills and we’ll make it work,” Precourt said, urging people to check out Orbital’s website for available positions.

For more on Precourt’s take on the industry, as well as his view from space and even Orbital’s HR email address, watch the video above.


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