Jobs in Aviation Series: EAA Chairman Jack Pelton

How does a person outside of the field of aviation break into this industry and begin a career? That’s the question posed to EAA Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton this week, as the 2017 AirVenture show is underway in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

It’s an important question, obviously, as this industry is constantly changing and growing, and people may give up on their aviation dreams and ambitions without even trying because they are discouraged by their lack of experience.

But as Pelton explained to Rod McDermott, Managing Partner of the executive search firm McDermott & Bull, there is a demand “across the board” for careers in aviation, from engineering to maintenance – and especially mechanics -- and that trend will only continue to grow over the next 20 years.

As far as making a career change with little to no experience in aviation, Pelton offers this advice to potential candidates: “Don’t get hung up on where you’ve worked or what industry. Think about the skill set you bring that aviation needs.”

Watch above to hear more of Pelton’s advice for new careers in aviation, as well as what has him excited at AirVenture this year.

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