Jobs in Aviation Series: Cirrus Aircraft’s Pat Waddick

Hot off the success of the very well-received Vision Jet, Cirrus Aircraft is expanding all aspects of its business. As Pat Widdick, President of Innovation and Operations at Cirrus, explained to Rod McDermott for the latest installment of our Jobs in Aviation series, this is a very big time for the company, and that’s good news for anyone looking to make a career change to the aviation industry.

“Whether you’re a painter, and you’re painting cars, or you want to work on our assembly line, be a part of our IT area that is helping us connect our airplanes to the customers, or you’re an engineer – whatever it is, our business is growing and we need more people as part of our family and part of this industry,” he explained.

For more on Cirrus’ growth and the subsequent job opportunities, check out the video above.

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