Jetliner Skids Off Slick Runway onto Black Sea Cliff

A Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 slid off the runway and rested on a cliff above the Black Sea in Ankara, Turkey. NBC News/YouTube

It was one of those “Is that even real?” moments on Monday when photos surfaced showing a Boeing 737 dangling from a cliff above the Black Sea in Ankara, Turkey.

Yes, the photos of the Pegasus Airlines passenger jet are real, and they show just how close the 737-800 came to ending up in the frigid water after it slid off a wet runway at Trabzon Airport on Turkey's northern coast.

Rescuing the jetliner’s 168 passengers and crew was no easy feat as the airplane rested on the muddy cliff wall just below the airport’s main runway.

According to news reports, the pilots told investigators the 737’s right engine suddenly surged on landing, causing the airplane to veer to the left and depart the runway.

The jetliner has since been towed off the cliff wall and the airport has reopened.


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