Icon A5 Damaged in Hard Landing

Pilot and passenger uninjured after the light sport amphibian partially sinks in waters near Miami.

Icon Aircraft has launched a “thorough review” of an A5 incident after one of the light sport amphibians suffered hull damage and partially sank during an “extremely hard” landing near Miami on April 1.

The incident occurred during a flight of two A5s in Miami on Saturday, Icon confirmed to Flying. Both the pilot and passenger were uninjured, but the LSA took on water and submerged to its wings before being towed eight miles to a marina. Once back at the dock, Icon workers loaded the damaged airplane onto a trailer and transported it back to the company’s base near Tampa.

Icon founder and CEO Kirk Hawkins noted that this was the first incident like this to occur in 3,500 A5 flight hours and with more than 20 airplanes built to date. While Icon is reviewing the incident, Hawkins said all information points to pilot error.

The A5 is a two-seat amphibian powered by a 100 hp Rotax engine with a carlike cockpit and folding wings that is marketed by the California manufacturer to nonpilot thrill seekers.


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