House Passes FAA Reauthorization Minus ATC Privatization

The U.S. House this week passed a long-term reauthorization of the FAA that excludes the controversial privatization of the nation’s ATC. Rob Mark

It took nearly a year of often contentious debate, but the U.S. House this week passed a long-term reauthorization of the FAA to replace the series of short-term extensions that have plagued the agency since 2015. The bi-partisan effort will run for five years.

While the new legislation did not include his controversial amendment to privatize/corporatize the nation's air traffic control system, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) said, "Our aviation system is essential to our economy and to the American way of life. This bill provides many important reforms that will help U.S. manufacturers and job creators lead in a very competitive global marketplace. This legislation ensures long-term investment and stability in aviation infrastructure for America's large, small, and rural communities, and it addresses issues to help maintain the safety of our system."

Peter DeFazio (D-OR), the principal Democrat on the committee said, “I’m glad we finally had the opportunity to come together and introduce a bipartisan, long-term FAA reauthorization bill – a bill that gives the FAA long-term funding it needs to do its job and includes mandates to improve aviation safety, to continue leading the world in aviation research and innovation, and to make needed and targeted reforms to critical aviation programs."

The legislation should on to the floor for full House approval.

Rob MarkAuthor
Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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