HondaJet, Cessna M2, Tesla and More Join Flying Aviation Expo Lineup

HondaJet is one of many aircraft that will be on display at Flying Aviation Expo in October. HondaJet

Several aviation and tech industry leaders have joined Flying Aviation Expo's weekend lineup, which promises to be packed with aircraft displays, educational workshops and seminars.

The acclaimed HondaJet and Cessna Citation M2 will be on exhibit during the expo at the Palm Springs International Airport from October 20–22. Other aircraft displays will include the Aviat Husky, Searey amphibian, Cub Crafters XCub, Eclipse 550, Cirrus SR22, Cessna TTx, Beechcraft Baron and airplanes from Pilatus, Mooney, Lancair and more.

Tesla has also joined the roster with previews and demo rides of its Model X and Model S electric vehicles. Also in the category of ground transportation, URB-E, a foldable-electric-scooter manufacturer, and Pedego Electric Bikes will be on site with displays and demos of their folding electric bicycles and scooters, offering pilots a convenient method of transportation that fits into small aircraft.

“For many of us, travel is nearly a requirement of life. To learn how to travel on our own safely is the entire essence of this event,” says Jeff Herold, Scheyden president and Aviation Expo LLC principal. “We live in a country that has more freedoms than any other country in the world, in regard to personal travel. Aviation truly can be a lifestyle that can take you places.”


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