Gulfstream’s G500 Earns Safety Innovation Award

One unique safety innovation to the G500 are the active cockpit sidesticks. Gulfstream photo

Gulfstream Aerospace’s G500 recently earned an innovation award for its introduction of the Symmetry Flight Deck and the safety advancements it brings to the business-jet industry. The award came from the Business Intelligence Group, that rewards vision, creativity and persistence in the world's leading companies and individuals. The G500’s innovations include active control sidesticks, an extensive use of touch-screen technology and Gulfstream's third-generation Enhanced Flight Vision System. The result is greater situational awareness, increased visibility, enhanced communication and what Gulfstream calls, a new level of safety.

The G500’s cabin experience is just as beneficial for passengers as the flight deck is for pilots. The aircraft’s new cabin seating is built around usability, comfort and aesthetics. It offers 100 percent fresh air, low noise and a pressurization system that holds the cabin to just 4,850 feet even at FL510 delivering passengers to their destination refreshed, revived and ready for business.

In addition to the BIG Innovation Award, the G500 received Aviation Week's 2017 Technology Laureate Award for the active control sidesticks and Flying's 2019 Editors' Choice Award. The Gulfstream-designed seats on the G500 and its sister ship, the G600, also earned a 2018 International Yacht & Aviation Award.

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Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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