Gulfstream G650 App Streamlines Flight Operations

Takeoff data displayed on Gulfstream’s Performance iPad app. Gulfstream

Gulfstream Aerospace this week announced its new Performance iPad app for the G650 series, a tool the company said represents the first phase of an intuitive mobile product. The Performance iPad app calculates precise takeoff and landing performance data, replacing paper charts and manual calculations. The results are quickly displayed in simple, easy-to-understand graphics on the iPad, reducing the flight crew’s preparation time and workload and increasing their situational and operational awareness.

The Performance iPad app is Gulfstream’s first performance app taking advantage of the same database used to develop the G650 Aircraft Flight Manual and performance computer. The app incorporates model-specific weight-and-balance information validated by Gulfstream Flight Operations that allows operators to quickly determine their takeoff and landing weights after inputting the number of passengers along with cargo and fuel load. The app delivers both balanced and unbalanced field lengths and associated airspeeds, takeoff speed distance visualization, remaining stopping distance, factored and un-factored landing distance visualization, remaining runway distance and abnormal flap landing performance data.

Operators can quickly determine takeoff and landing weights with the app. Gulfstream

The app’s built-in logic circuitry makes it impossible to calculate incompatible scenarios. Performance iPad also includes real-time airport data and can automatically receive real-time weather data with an Internet connection.

Gulfstream has authorized the app’s use by FlightSafety International to improve pilots' visualization and understanding of key performance data during training, as well as the real-time impacts of environmental, airport and aircraft configuration changes. The Performance iPad app is available from the Apple App Store for all G650/G650ER PlaneBook users.

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