Where Can I Find Custom Flight Crew Tags?

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Find flight crew tags and other pilot gear here. [Credit: Shutterstock]

Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Custom flight crew tags are an important way for pilots, flight attendants, and other crew members to set their bags apart from the rest, especially in crowded airports. They also present an opportunity for creativity and flair. The best sources for crew tags range from pilot supply stores to custom gift retail shops. Some companies’ sites let customers design their own tags while others offer a set list or personalized details. Many distinctive, stylish tags are ready to order without customization.

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Quicklook: Best Crew Luggage Tags

What is the Purpose of Airline Crew Tags?

Many travelers might have noticed prominent “crew” tags on luggage that pilots and flight attendants carry. Its main purpose is to help crew members keep track of their bags and to alert baggage handlers who sometimes set crew bags aside so they can be picked up at the plane after the flight instead of going to the baggage carousel. The tags are not part of the crew’s official or legal identification, but non-crew members using crew tags could run the risk of their bags being delayed or mishandled. 

Best Flight Crew Luggage Tags

Still, crew tags make pleasing, practical gifts for professional pilots and crew members and are also fun for private and recreational pilots and their passengers. Here are 10 of the best places to find them.  

My Pilot Store, Crew Tag With Contact Card

This vinyl tag is ultra-thin but rigid and measures 4.24 inches by 2.25 inches. It has a clear holder on the back where you can slip in your ID cards or other credentials.

What We Like: The understated black background has a professional, no-nonsense look that is unlikely to clash with your luggage.

Pricing: $4.25

Airportag, Crew Tags

This collection of tag designs ranges from basic to whimsical. Some, like the “Fly Guy” and “Sky Diva” tags go beyond traditional crew designations. 

What We Like: Pilots will appreciate the variety of crew tag styles, from contemporary to some pretty convincing vintage styles including a Pan Am crew tag.

Pricing: From $14.90

Airport Pilot Shop, Flight Crew Bag Tag

Tag measures 4.75 inches by 2.5 inches. An identification card is printed on the back for the owner to fill out.

What We Like: Embroidered lettering and trim give the tag a warmer feel than plastic counterparts. The company’s offerings include standard luggage tags with airline themes including some departed favorites like Northwest, Olympic, and BOAC. Pilots can enjoy pairing with their preferred carriers.

Pricing: $8.99  

Zazzle, Flight Crew Luggage and Bag Tags

Tags are customizable and available as a double-sided design or with a design on one side and a card slot on the other.

What We Like: These tags offer a bit more design flexibility and personalization. They include your name and specify whether you are a pilot or cabin crew member.

Pricing: $12.25  

VisiTag, Grommet Bag Tag

Embroidered tags are available in a range of color combinations. They attach to bags using straps, snaps, elastic loops, or velcro.

What We Like: A variety of attachment methods makes it easy to transfer tags among bags.

Pricing: $15.95  

Sporty’s Pilot Shop, CREW Luggage Tag

The company says that “whether you are flying a 747 or a Bonanza,” its tags will set you apart from the mere passengers. And pilots sometimes do like to set themselves apart. The back has a clear sleeve for contact information.

What We Like: Braided metal retaining strap seems fit to resist rough luggage handling. 

Pricing: $3.95

Luggage Pros MyFly Tag

The company will custom-produce your tag design and provide online creative tools to help you do it. Tags can include photo images, logos and other graphics that you submit.

What We Like: This could be an especially attractive platform for creative pilots who want unique tags that express their personal style.

Pricing: $8.95  

Pilots HQ, Gelflex Luggage Tag

The double-sided Gelflex tag measures 3.75 inches by 2.18 inches and is brightly colored for visibility.

What We Like: A flexible cord makes it easy to attach to a bag without worrying that it might break.

Pricing: $8.70

Crew Outfitters, Single Snap Base Straps

A single-snap attachment makes switching between bags easy. The base code quickly identifies your home airport.

What We Like: When meeting colleagues, pilots like to know where they are based. These tags could save them from having to ask.

Pricing: $9.99

Don’t Forget About These Aircrew Accessories!

Check out these great additions for your crew.

BrightLine B7 Flight Bag

The B7 is just one of several Brightline bags designed for the particular needs of air crew members. The B7 is the company’s original model that is meant to address all of the pilot’s needs. However, when the need for more features arises, its modular design lets you add them.

What We Like: For pilots who carry their gear in tote bags, the switch to a purpose-built flight bag can boost one’s quality of life significantly. This model has dedicated compartments for all of those items that typically get lost in the tote.

Pricing: $261

Wright Brothers, Pro Trek Pathfinder Watch

Pilot watches have been around for generations but some are more helpful than others. The Pro Trek provides information that can assist in flight planning long before you get to the airport and continue providing useful information after you are airborne.

What We Like: When flying or working around airplanes it helps to have a watch that helps improve situational awareness. This watch has a digital compass, altimeter, thermometer, and barometer, all useful to pilots.

Pricing: $280 

PilotMall, Surefire Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED

Pilots learn from their earliest days of flight instruction that a good flashlight is a must-have cockpit item. But when was the last time you updated your light? The Aviator packs useful features, from an ultra-bright light to a range of filters, into a compact package. 

What We Like: While the bright white light will help you find whatever you just dropped on the ramp at night, the built-in red-filtered light will bring extra illumination to the cockpit without compromising night vision.

Pricing: $269

The Right Gear Makes Flying More Enjoyable

Whether you are looking for the best luggage tags for professional air crew members or other equipment that can help recreational pilots as well as airline captains, it is worthwhile to find gear designed with aviation in mind. We have looked at just a few products that make flying less stressful and more enjoyable. Please share your experiences with pilot gear and tell us about your favorite products.

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