Best Private Jet Memberships

Through a private jet membership program, users pay a fee to access private aviation services.

Private jet membership

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Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Private jet memberships can be an alternative to owning a private jet. Through a private jet membership program, users pay a fee to access private aviation services. Jet memberships give you the opportunity to utilize a diverse fleet of private jets for their personal travel. Private jets can be reserved to take you from New York to Boston, on a short hop, or a trip around the world, in just a few clicks. If you're looking for a one-time charter trip, it may be best to look to our private jet charter cost estimator.

Quicklook: Best Private Jet Memberships

5 Private Jet Membership Options

Private jet membership providers offer a seemingly low upfront cost but usually layer on additional charges. Understand your needs as a flyer before you choose a membership, such as accessibility, hours flown per year, and contract length. 


NetJets is the largest and most diverse private jet company in the world. With around 700 jets, consumers can utilize its services in over 4,000 airports globally. Potential members have multiple options when choosing what type of membership will fit their lifestyle. 

Best for: Long Term Flyers 

Access: Four to six hours’ notice is required, and there are 15 peak period days (with 48 hours advance notice required during peak periods).

Types of Flights: Shared, leased, and angel flights

Special Features

  • More than half of the aircraft are less than five years old. 
  • Luxury accommodation partners
  • Annual sponsorship of one of the world's most prestigious art shows, Art Basel in Miami Beach, where members can attend



  • 36-month minimum commitment 
  • Current waitlist for new jet card holders 

Pricing: $165,000 to $230,000 depending on membership level

Wheels Up

Wheels Up allow for on-demand flights for members or non-members with as little as a 24-hour notice. Serving more than 5,000 airports around the world, Wheels Up offers flyers the flexibility to book privately, share flights with other members, or hop on shuttle flights. 

Best For: No membership 

Access: Guaranteed availability 300 days a year for individuals and 315 days a year for businesses—to its entire fleet with as little as 24-hour notice.

Types of flights: Shared flights, empty-leg hot flights, shuttle flights and “The Community”’ flights

Special features

  • No membership option 
  • Dedicated concierge  
  • Access to more than 5,000 airports worldwide 


  • Wheels Up has an annual renewable membership; no long term contracts 
  • Book through a smartphone app or through 24/7 customer service representatives.  


  • Fleet can only accommodate up to 10 passengers on an aircraft at a time 
  • New members must wait 90 days to book 

Pricing: $50,000 to $400,000 blocks available 


VistaJet prides itself on sustainability. It has committed to be fully carbon neutral across its entire business by 2025. As a global private jet charter company, VistJet services over 90 percent of countries at 1,900-plus airports.

Best for: Global travelers

Access:  As little as 24 hours notice, globally

Types of flights: Private flights and empty leg flights

Special features

  • An exclusive black book of partners, hotels, residences, private islands, yachts, and ski destinations around the world 
  • Completely customizable membership


  • Available in 96 percent of the world's countries  
  • Fixed hourly rate 


  • A smaller fleet of jets than other companies poses an availability issue 
  • All jets are identical

Pricing: $12,000 to $20,000 per hour

Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets, founded in 2008, is known for offering short haul flights on a short notice. The private jet company provides both membership services and on-demand services. With four different classes of aircraft, Magellan can get you, your family, and your business partners to destinations all over the world.

Best for: Short notice flights  

Access: Aircraft availability within 6 hours

Types of flights: Private flights, flight sharing, empty leg

Special features

  •  Corporate and personal memberships 
  •  Customizable membership for personal flyers 
  •  Complimentary catering for premium members 


  • No peak fees or blackout dates 
  • Exclusive amenities—no fuel surcharges


  • Magellan does not own the aircraft 
  • Very costly in comparison to other aircraft

Pricing: $10,500 to $16,500 initial investment 


Jettly is a newer jet company that is growing in the industry. Jettly offers both monthly subscription-based flight memberships and full jet card experiences. The membership options are designed with the “every traveler” in mind, the ones who only fly once a month or the ones who fly 10 or more flights a month. The low introductory price makes Jettly hard to beat, especially when there is no contract involved.  

Best for: The budget

Access: Availability anywhere within 4 hours

Types of flights: Private charters and empty leg flights 

Special features

  • Growing company with competitive rates 
  • Personal flight coordinator 
  • 20,000-plus aircraft around the world


  • No contracts. No initiation fees. Cancel online anytime. 
  • Free UberBLACK Transfers 


  • Fairly new company that works mainly with high-profile clients
  • Limited number of charter bookings depending on membership 

Pricing: Membership costs as little as $370 per month.

What Is a Private Jet Membership? 

A private jet membership is a service available to customers who are looking to have on-demand access to a private jet, without the commitment and responsibility of owning their own aircraft. By entering into a private jet membership, those who travel can pay a fee and have access to private aviation services. 

How Does a Private Jet Membership Work?

Through a private jet membership, customers purchase a membership with an upfront fee or monthly subscription, usually contracted for one year or more, to have access to buying flight time on the company's fleet as needed. Sometimes hours may be limited within certain timeframes and peak flights may incur additional fees. 

What To Consider With Private Jet Memberships

There are many things to consider when shopping around for a private jet membership. The most important things to consider are pricing, destination options, and trip protection. Keep in mind that most jet memberships come with hour limitations. 

Ideal Traveler Options

When utilizing a private jet membership, flyers have access to all the same amenities that a private jet owner would have. Private concierge and catering services may be provided by your private jet membership company. 

Freedom To Fly Wherever You Want

Most jet membership companies operate globally, giving customers the opportunity to fly wherever and whenever they like. If you have specific destinations you plan to fly too often, ensure the jet membership company you choose services airports there. 

Clear Consistent Pricing

When purchasing a private jet membership, ensure there are no hidden fees. Flat hourly rates with no peak hours will guarantee you are able to use your membership to its fullest. Look out for blackout dates as well. 

Backup and Recovery Plans

Backup and recovery plans are put in place to ensure that if your flight gets canceled for any reason by the jet company, it is rescheduled within an acceptable time frame without additional charges. These plans may be put in place due to maintenance issues or overbooking. Ensure the jet company you plan to purchase a membership from has backup and recovery protection.


Most memberships are based on how many hours you plan to fly within a given time and what destinations you plan to go to. Accurately estimate the number of hours you plan to fly before purchasing a membership to avoid unused or short hours. 

In a Moment’s Notice

A private jet membership may be perfect for you if you are looking to have access to a private jet on a moment's notice and don’t want to have to worry about the financial burden and headache of owning your own jets. It is important to choose a private jet membership that meets your needs and can accommodate your lifestyle. For more information about private jet memberships and to stay up to date on all things aviation, subscribe to FLYING Magazine



Which Private Jet Company Is Best?

The best private jet company is one that meets your specific needs. Ask yourself where you plan to fly, how quickly you need to get there, and how much you are willing to spend before booking a private jet.

How Much Are Private Jet Memberships?

Depending on which private jet membership you choose, there can be minimal upfront fees per month of around $370, or large initial membership fees upwards of $200,000.

What Is the Cheapest Private Jet Membership?

The most affordable private jet membership is Jettly’s personal membership. It costs $370 per month.

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